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[18 Aug 2011|11:19am]


That's it. :D
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Did you know...? [26 Jan 2011|04:31pm]
Bilingualism is not a phenomenon of language; it is a characteristic of its use. It is not a feature of the code but of the message.

This is likely not as profound as I see it right now because I'm listening to the Inception and Dark Knight OSTs on loop, so everything is EPIC right now.

At least I've started an essay!
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Oh yeah... [16 Sep 2010|01:02pm]
By the way...

here is a Press Release about me :) )
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Life in a Day [24 Jul 2010|12:36pm]
So, I have little to do with my days so I am doing film footage for the Scott/MacDonald 'Life in a Day' film project.

So far I talked for 55minutes about... rubbish. But whatever! I don't care if no one finds my contribution interesting, the point is it was accurate and true. This is just how dull my life is, end of story.

If you don't know what LIAD is; should explain a bit more.
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Bad & Good things about summer... [04 Jun 2010|06:56pm]

Being sweaty. Clammy hands. Having a wardrobe entirely made of jeans and black t-shirts. People come out en masse.


Randomly, Chris gets hyper despite hay-fever. SUMMER SMELLS. Walking by the canal.

On a totally different note... I really hate anti-static foam. Because, did you know(?), it is made of SAND. SAAAAAAAAAAND. Which is why it destroys your skin if you get it on your hands and it hurts :'(

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:( [03 Feb 2010|12:32pm]

Rai is not allowed on the Technical Theatre Apprenticeship at the Hippodrome because I'm too old and have too much education.


As if there's any young people who want that apprenticeship anyway :'(

Rai is sad.
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COOKING [11 Jan 2010|03:52pm]

I like cooking. But, more than anything I like trying to make new things.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?

There's only one condition; No fish. It's a long and drawn out, complex, issue that I won't try to explain but basically I refuse to eat fish for personal reasons. This includes all sorts of seafood too.

Last week I made fridge cake for the first time ever; it was awesome. Last night I made Garlic & Lemon chicken; TOO MUCH LEMON but Chris will eat anything so that's fine.

Nyyyyyyyyer. This could be a fatal idea because my hyper high of excitement will doubtless result in crashing.
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Dear Snow... [08 Jan 2010|01:43pm]
You're all very pretty and so on and I do like to see you but, just do me a favour, stop disrupting my train journey for tomorrow when it's still today?

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[29 Dec 2009|05:12pm]

It's my birthday! And I've received LOTS of cat related cards and gifts :D JOI
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WAH! [20 Dec 2009|01:19pm]
My TV chewed up one of my Randall & Hopkirk VHS tapes. :(

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[02 Nov 2009|05:07pm]
Sitting on parents' doorstep at night in the late autumn with not much but a light jumper and a scarf on is cold!
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COCK [27 Oct 2009|09:36pm]
House burgled.

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RADIO [18 Oct 2009|12:25pm]
I know... once again, I apologise, I will try harder.

Today at 5pm is my first show on the radio (listen at BURNFM.COM) and seeing as the new Rammstein album comes out tomorrow I am thinking of playing a R+ song as the last song but I'm not sure what to play!

My current thoughts are; Mein Herz Brennt, Asche zu Asche, Heirate Mich, Hallelujah, Mein Teil (single ed), Moskau or Rosenrot. I don't have a copy of the Pussy single, plus I can't play it anyway because it has SWEARS.

Right now I'm leaning towards Asche zu Asche. None of them follow on remotely from what is coming before (although the first 4 a bit more than the others) - before this there are two instrumental pieces the last of which has the word 'adagio' in it's title. Or, I could squeeze it in before the instrumentals... no, that'd be worse.

So, Rammstein, end of show, then news lol. If it fits. If there's enough time. Etc.

I'm testing combinations out now :-)

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Do iiiiiiiiiit [04 Oct 2009|03:44pm]

(more info later!)
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I AM EXCITED! [25 Aug 2009|12:14pm]
I like films a lot.  You take me to the cinema and I'll come out different every time.  If it's a good way I'll be quiet and moody because I'll be thinking about it and imagining I'm a space man/cop/dinosaur/whatever.

On Saturday I saw Moon.  By Duncan Jones (offspring of Bowie).  It was great.  I came out very introspective and wandering around pretending I was a... er... thing like that which was in the film.


So.  You can understand why I'm excited because:

...and many more.

I am especially excited about Surrogates because Bruce Willis is one of my favourite actors ever and I would jizz my pants if I ever met him.  Well, I do that everytime I see him in a film anyway.

Also, Pedro Almodóvar is one of the most trully awesome, amazing and ingenious directors EVER and he has a new film that comes out on Friday.  Broken Embraces.  I will see it.  EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO MONEY I WILL SEE IT.

I am also excited because I have a proper job interview tomorrow for an on-campus job working in an outlet of Spar.  Yes it's £5.73ph but it is more than Techie job and more regular.  I will do techie work too though.  TECHNOLOGY IS MY LIFE.  Money, unfortunately, is also important in this society.

When I have money I can go to the cinema and see all those films and more and buy an xbox 360 and some games like Fable 2 and Prototype.  And I can save up to buy things that make me happy!


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Dreams [24 Jul 2009|10:55am]
Last night I had a dream about coughing. Just coughing. Coughing and coughing and not being about to stop.

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Essay [27 May 2009|04:45pm]
So, at 1600h I told myself to write 500 words per hour until 2000h so I had some hope in hell of getting this done.

I've done 37.

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Parental Visit [25 May 2009|04:30pm]
My parents came to visit over the weekend.  They arrived on Thursday morning, and we spent almost a full 12 hours doing very little.  We had sandwiches by the river, argued about which way was South, they marvelled at just how many cyclists there are, then we went to their hotel, checked in, went for a walk around a lake, had drinks and a snack in the café and then went for dinner in the restaurant.  I had duck with sweet & sour veg and "basmati" rice (which was actually long grain - I can tell) as did dad.  Though for the price of the meal it could have been much better.  Mum had some sort of vegetarian tortellini dish.

On Friday we went into town and got a Welcome Card for the trams for parents.  Found Vodafone shop and looked at their confusing mobile internet and gave up.  Went to look around the Cathedral.  Then had an early-ish dinner in Maredo on Heumarkt.  Mum resisted the wine festival.  I had turkey steak, mum had a herbed chicken steak and dad had Wiener Schnitzel.  Then ice creams from a different café.

Saturday we went to Der Koelner Zoo.  Which was lovely.  I like going to the Zoo.  Any Zoo.  Here they have some very rare animals that are successfully breeding.  Survival of endangered species = WIN.  Went back to Heumarkt again for dinner.  Maredo, again.  Different dishes each this time.

Sunday we went to the Chocolate Museum.  Free samples :-).  I will probably go back there with Chris as my camera batteries died (even though I bought them on Saturday - biggest waste of 7€ ever) and one can get onto the roof and take pics of the river.  Took them to the airport.  Very saddening.

Some bloke beat the hell out of another bloke on the tram ride home.  Hm.
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flist [18 May 2009|08:08pm]
Also; how does one add friends from LJ to flist here?
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More about icons [18 May 2009|08:00pm]
Need more ICONS. Obsessed? Me? Nevar. It's just that I got distracted by Flowers and screenshots from Firefly/Serenity last time and I still do not have a decent range of emotion-representing icons. Lots of angry ones. And... I have OMG and WTF covered. Vital. I need to cover LOL. Need more sad ones. Need more neutral ones. Need more so that I can just throw them up when I'm bored. Also, probably need pr0n based one(s) too.

Need to cut hair first before taking more pictures of self. My long hair is BORING as hell. Except when I make it look like a small Pokémon is living on my head. Then, t'is amusing.


Because I am the Swine Lord.

Oh and I clearly need one of a treehouse for when I want to express my 'Humans suck I want to live in a tree fuck off now plz' sentiments.

Oh yeah... and happy ones that aren't just bright shiny flower shots because... yes.

And more techie icons.
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